Sunday, December 13, 2009

Article 4 and 5

Based on Article #4 and #5:
The disproportionate representation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse children in special education is a significant issue in education. After reviewing the article:
List some of the issues surrounding this topic?
-Discrimination seems to be one of the biggest components surrounding this issues.
-disproportionate representation
-"The overrepresentation of ethnic and linguistic minorities in special education has resulted in several well known court cases".

Discuss how legislation has attempted to ameliorate this problem
there were amendments made in 1997 to IDEA...states need to collect data for the purpose of monitoring and reducing disproportionality...

Describe the problem as you see it
Make a suggestion…What is the solution as you see it?
This quote is the easiest way for my to get my point across: "the unequal opportunities for many students of color because of the consequences of structural poverty and the discriminatory treatment of students of color in the general education system".
The solution would be as easy as to treat everyone equally. However, it's unfortunate that some racial and ethnic groups a being over identified for special education just because of their ethnicity.
To me the easiest solution would be is to allow everyone and anyone into the regular education class, have the teacher track everyone's progress, and then from there make the fair and appropriate recommendations. However, I know this is what I would do doesn't mean everyone would do this.

This topic is hard to me to discuss. I'm not sure completely why. Maybe it's because I find it hard that people are discriminated against just because of what they look like or who they are. To me everyone should always be treated equally and even though I know it hasn't always happen in our history I would like to think that people are being treated equally now. No one should ever been marked or labeled anything just because of their ethnic or racial background.


  1. Discrimination is a horrible thing. I find that it goes both ways, I have a girl scout troop at McKinely Elementary and I often feel that the parents look at me differently cause of my skin. It is not say that they treat me poorly, but there is definetly an attitude of "you dont get it". However, I am a firm believe in treating people the same until the prove that they are different, good or bad. I give EVERYONE a chance, my mom says that is a downside to me at times...could cause trouble. I see the best in everyone. I feel that is how ALL teachers (and people in general) need to be. No one is any better than anyone else and everyone deserves a right to show this. Until you have solid proof judgements can not, and should not, be made. If this attitude was taken on by more people then maybe we would not see the over representation that we see.

  2. I understand that families with language barriers may struggle to get the necessary help they need with a LD. But I don't believe that because you are poor you cant learn. I unfortunately beleive that many of the students who grow up in poverty, single parent homes or the wrong side of the tracks use it as an excuse. I believe that a lot of the lack of motivation to learn begins at home. Parents need to be involved. They need to teach their children phone numbers, colors, shapes, letters when they are young. When the student begins school they need to take interest in their homework whether its checking that it is done or helping their child to complete it (not doing it for them). If they cannot help their child, the parent needs to find help whether its a tutor or after school homework program. Many of these parents get free tutoring, free health insurance etc. I work 3 jobs and qualify for no help even though my employers do not offer health insurance. It makes me angry when I pass by a city high school and I watch the students walk in front of cars, carrying no bookbag or books home. If they are not doing the work and the parents are not enstilling a good work ethic in their students by prompting them to do their homework then I'm sorry it's their fault. I know that if I wasnt getting good grades my parents would ask why? If it was because of my lack of turning in assignments then they would make a way ensure that I was bringing it home and doing them. They may even embaress me by meeting me after school and ensuring that I bring home the books and notes from the teacher. Beleieve me in high school it would only take once, I would independently do it to avoid further embaressing situations. Sorry for my soapbox, but I am infuriated seeing students NOT TAKE RESPONSIBLITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS. They also have someone or something to blame.