Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hmwk Jan 6, 2010 class

I think it's important for teachers to understand the reading and writing process and the connection between the two. There are roles that are played between the two, one being the reader and the other being the writer. These two roles are so intertwined and important to understand that anyone teaching should be familiar with these roles. You can look at these two roles and compare them to the teaching and learning roles and compare them to each other. In special education we talk a lot about parallel process and these two, reading and writing, can be seen together as parallel process. That I think is one of the most important aspect of understanding the connection between the reading and writing process. A lot of what goes on between reading and writing is very connected in seeing that those that read, write and those who write, read. This allows the student to make connection is each of the areas. I think that when you are teaching the younger population it's always important to have them try to tell a story and also try to write a story. I know with my class now, I have an activity coming up where they are to do an art activity and make a picture with certain objects and then they have to write a story to go with their picture. I know a lot of my students are going to become frustrated because they cannot spell, however, they have great story telling ability. I also think this activity is going to be interesting because my students are better at reading than they are at spelling. So, I think this activity is necessary and will show the paralell process in reading and writing along with spelling.

Word recognition I think is really interesting. Word recognition reminds me of an activity that I did once in school where the teacher had a jumbled up sentence of words and showed us that we could still make out what was written in the jumbled up sentence because the position of certain letters were where they needed to be allowing us recognize what the word was really suppse to be. Being able to recognize the word allowed me to decode the word to what it was really suppose to be. Word recognition I think is really important in reading and spelling. In reading we are able to pull the word from our memorized word bank.

However, my question is, do those with dyslexia have trouble with word recognition or even those who have had head trauma or brain damage at a young age (or even any age).


  1. I think your activity for your classroom sounds very interesting! I agree that they will be frustrated at first, but it is an important skill to work on! I am a horrible speller, but it is improving every time I try!

    I also again that reading and writing are so important to each other. I know that without the one the other is difficult.

  2. I think having you as a positive teacher will be great. I think sometimes teachers focus on the little things the little errors and foget about building the positive in our students. There is a time and place for things to be taught. At an early age creativity is key. They need to feel comfortable not nervous about writing.